Starting your own business can feel like experiencing twenty emotions in twenty minutes. Exciting, thrilling, scary and sometimes a challenge — but it does not have to be impossible. Here is a thorough, detailed and easy-to-use road map to help you put the pieces together. Welcome to Augusta County!

Meet your economic development staff here. We’re happy to help along any step of your journey.

Does my business idea make sense?

Consider the feasibility of your business.
Do you have answers to the following questions?
Take the quiz.

Do you know who your target markets are?


Do you know who your customers or suppliers are?


Do you know projected costs and revenues for the business through year three?


Do you know who will manage daily operations?


Do you know your income requirements?


Do you know what capital will be needed to open and stay in business?


Do you know where the start-up capital will come from?


Do you know how much you’ll be investing in your start-up?

So, is your idea viable?
So, is your idea viable?

No, it’s not. Let’s research.

So, is your idea viable?

Yes, this idea is viable. Let’s go!

Put It On Paper

Create a business plan

Go into detail on your product/service, marketing, financing, and income/expense projections.

Find Help

Who is your management team, and what does your financing look like?

Talk to an Expert

A completed business plan is the key to starting your business.

Double Check

Location, Location, Location

Location is king.

What kind of space do you need?
Where should you be located?
Is the site zoned for the type of business you’re opening?

Let’s work through some location questions.

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Fun(d) Needs

Am I eligible for loans and grants?

“We were able to take advantage of a small business loan which really helped us launch Black Bear Composting. The process was easy, and I would encourage others to consider this as a way to help start a small business.”

Eric Walter
Black Bear Composting
Crimora, Augusta County VA

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What's In a Name?

What is your business called?

Now for the fun part — let’s talk names. Your business name will be your first chance to let your customer know who you are, what you do and why you’re the only choice. Plus, it’s just fun.

Let's brainstorm


Contemplate the right legal entity

The best legal entity varies for each owner and each business. Every option has its advantage.

Pause, Breathe and Review

Take a fresh look at your business plan -- modification is ok!

It has probably been awhile since you wrote your business plan. Has anything changed? Take time to review and make updates to your most important living document.

Let's Review

State & Federal registration

Importance of filing tax documents correctly

You get to network with the following: Internal Revenue Service, Virginia Department of Taxation and Virginia Employment Commission. Don’t be daunted. All businesses must register with the state and federal government.

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Come on down to the Government Center

Augusta County Business License, Taxes and Permits

Visit the Augusta County Government Center — we won’t bite.

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Finish the Paperwork

So close!

All of your hard work is coming together. Now is the time to review all the previous steps, and finalize all documents.

Let's finalize.

Let's Cut the Ribbon

Congratulations! Now that you have achieved this milestone, what’s next? Get the word out and schedule a Ribbon Cutting. The Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce will be happy to help you.

Complete Resource Guide

We've compiled every single local, regional, state and federal resource for you. You will use this list so keep it handy!