Visit the Augusta County Government Center —¬†we won’t bite. You’ll likely visit three departments —¬†Community Development, Commissioner of the Revenue and the Treasurer’s Office.

Navigating through the Government Center

County Departments

If you haven’t already, register your chosen business name at the Community Development Office. Staff will walk you through the registration process and mail your paperwork to the Clerk of Circuit Court. While you’re at the Government Center, register your business license with Augusta County at the Commissioner of the Revenue Office. The two departments are located directly across from each other at:

Augusta County Government Center
18 Government Center Lane
Verona VA 24482

You can also choose to register your chosen business name directly at the Clerk of Circuit Court.

The Commissioner of the Revenue will help you satisfy local license requirements and figure out if your business has any other local tax or licensing liabilities. Gross receipts must be reported each year, but a tax is not levied on gross receipts until they exceed $100,000. A Business License is required with the rate determined by type of business and gross sales. New businesses will be asked to estimate their first year gross receipts and the tax will be adjusted at a later date to reflect actual receipts.

While you’re at the Commissioner’s office, make a note of the Treasurer’s Office directly beside the Commissioner’s counter. Taxes are paid to the Treasurer’s Office, and here is a handy calendar to remember due dates for personal property, real estate and income taxes.

While you have already double checked zoning requirements in “location, location, location,” do not hesitate to check in with Zoning in the Community Development office for any follow-up.

Note: If your business will need to be inspected by the Health Department, you will need to visit with the Staunton-Augusta Health Department (separate from the County and not located at the Government Center). The Health Department has its own set of requirements and permits separate from Augusta County requirements and permits.