Consider who you are and what your business does. Your business name will set the tone for your product or service. Be sure to run your ideas by others for feedback. Investigate names in use in the geographic area and industry niche you will be serving. Pay attention to other similar sounding names in your market area.

Brainstorming and beyond

Issues to consider

When choosing a name, there will be some work after you have brainstormed options.

  • Check the availability of an entity name at the State Corporation Commission.
  • While brainstorming, check on the potential of Domain/URL names. While your chosen name may be cleared with official organizations, you’ll want to use Google or other search engines to check on domain availability.
  • Look into the differences between a trade name and a trademark. An attorney can help you navigate this decision.
  • If the entity is a limited partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation, a certified copy of the form must be filed with the State Corporation Commission.
  • This will be covered in the Augusta County Registration section also, but don’t forget to register your chosen business name and receive your business license with Augusta County. Register your chosen business name at the Community Development Office. Staff will walk you through the registration process and mail your paperwork to the Clerk of Circuit Court. While you’re at the Government Center, register your business license at the Commissioner of the Revenue Office. The two departments are located directly across from each other at:

Augusta County Government Center
18 Government Center Lane
Verona, VA 24482

You can also choose to register your chosen business name directly at the Clerk of Circuit Court offices.

Augusta County Courthouse
1 East Johnson Street
Staunton, VA 24402-0689